Bangla Comic Choti A new Era


September 16, 2012 by banglaeroticcomic

What Is Bangla Choti???

Bangla Choti is a local term popular among Bangladeshi people. Its erotic fictions. They are erotic stories written in Bengali language.


This kind of erotic stories are very popular from ages. Older days the used to be published as books. Now a days there many sites and forums who provide this stories for free. You can read online and even write some of them.

Online Sources

There are many sites developed now a days in this particular niche. Lots of forums available where you can read and write these. Many people also shares their own experiences while fictions are common.Today i will promote a site named They have began a new era in bangla choti.


Bangla choti

This site particularly makes erotic comics written in Bengali language. While written stories are easy available they started making comics. As comics are more erotic and provides a pictorial view it is more appealing to readers. I’m quite sure of this that they will make a good impression among choti lovers in few days. Erotic comics are very popular among western and eastern countries. Evcen in India they have created a character named as savita bhabi who is very popular indeed. But in Bengali language they were none until banglaerotica arrived.

Works of bangla Erotica

Making bangla comic choti are their main job. They have developed few characters named Ritu Khala, Clara etc. They are gradually being popular among choti readers. They day is not far away when every Bengali is going to grab them and wait lustfully for their updates.

Some of their work

Here is some of those comics they developed till date

1. SHUKHI PORIBAR PART 1 (সুখী পরিবার ১ম খন্ড)

2. MA’ER PRAPTO JOUBON PART 1 (মায়ের প্রাপ্ত যৌবন ১ম খন্ড)

3. CHIRONTON BANGLAR ITIHAS PART 1 চিরন্তন বাংলার ইতিহাস প্রথম পর্বঃ নিষিদ্ধ ভালবাসা

4. ADVENTURES OF CLARA RAVENS PART 1 দু’সাহসী ক্লারা র‌্যাভেন্স প্রথম পর্ব

5. RITU KHALA PART 1 রীতু খালা প্রথম পর্ব

I have personally red some of them. They are just outstanding. So my say is this term bangla erotic comic is going to outrank other bangla choti trends.

Why are you waiting for???? Go and check right now.

Bangla choti comic


One thought on “Bangla Comic Choti A new Era

  1. Rafi Ahmed says:

    the stuffs of this site are really awesome. we want more Bangla Choti

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